Giving a Platform
To The Anchors
of Rajasthan

Welcome to RJ Anchors Association.
We are giving a platform to the Anchors & Emcees of Rajasthan to connect, grow and co-create.

Creating the community

Helping People Achieve the Dream

We initiated the idea of creating a group of people with an idea to unite the various Anchors of Rajasthan and give them a platform to help them in achieving thier dreams through community build up and business allocation.

The Value of Our Services

Rajasthan Anchors Association values the connection of people and help them achieve their dream to constant community engagement and work exposure through various channels. With our expertise and joint effort, you can uplift your career. Our membership is ready for action! The  Mentorship Program provides free mentoring sessions to talented young professionals who have been struggling for some time or those seeking a change in status but lack adequate resources such as training facilities. As an elite provider we are able offer advanced services including constant connection from leadership team members providing guidance on best practices at helping individuals overcome problems facing these youngsters like they were not raised amongst peers.

Yearly Award Ceremony

Acknowleding Talent Building Community

What we offer :

Join the Membership

    Why Become a Member?

    We are providing a tremendous platform to the people of Rajasthan to help them in the attainment of work and build a community that supports.

    The RAA members will have more chance of securing work in event industry through our expertise and pre-exsisitng connection.

    Members can easily showcase the work they have done and reach out to their clients more efficientely.

    RAA members will have access to the mentorship and growth programs. They can also easily connect with other member of the community.

    Our Promise

    What RAA offers to members:


    We are building a community that can provide a sense of empowerment through collective efforts.


    We offer transparency and help the in the nurturing of talent through mentorship and guidance.


    More than a membership, RAA is your partnership with industry’s leading mentors, experts and creators.


    You can grow with us by sharing your experience with other members and become a part of other’s experience.

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