About Us

Rajasthan Anchors Association values the connection of people and help them achieve their dream through constant community engagement and work exposure through various channels. With our expertise and joint effort, you can uplift your career.


Who we are

A Collective Effort

RAA is more than an organzation or association, it is a collective efforts of Rajasthan’s leading Anchors to create a community that enables mutual growth and constant upliftment. 

What we do

Helping You Achieve

With our collective knowledge and experience, we are helping people achieve more through our expertise while creating an ecosystem that supports growth and connection.


Our History


The idea and initiation of RAA begun back in 2016, with one idea to group the professionals under one roof to share collective expertise and experience.



First Event

First RAA event was conducted to introduce the idea of RAA to the people and to make them understand about the idea of RAA and what it can help you achieve.

general election

General Election of RAA was concluded to decide upon the leadership of the association. Under that association, new anchors florished and exsisting ones got more connections.



The New Chapter

The RAA started to expand its horizon by including more than 100 Anchors from different cities of Rajasthan and helped them in achieving their career goals.

What we value

Professionalism is our utmost value, we wish to share personal ideas and experience through a chain and help people reinvent their career and goals.

We focus on indivisual acheivement through constant connection and collective intelligence. People can reach out to industry experts through easy and approachable connection.

The whole idea behind RAA is to give a sense of connection to different people of the industry and create connection amongst the people.

The major purpose of RAA is to organize the high unorganized Anchor Industry. The idea is to co-create a community of people and help them achieve.

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